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Easy and informative Tutorial to Use the Shop.

In order to add product to the cart

  1. Simply Find the Product in the Particular Market's Sub Category page you wish to purchase.
  2. Select the quantity and click on add to cart.
  3. The product will be added to cart . You can access the cart by clicking on the cart button on the top right corner of the page.
  4. You can select the delivery address which are added already on delivery address tab on the shop page.
  5. You can select the delivery option.
  6. You can apply coupon codes , if you have any.
  7. You will see the tax , the Johri bazar commission and the total of all the products.
  8. After you are satisfied, click on check out.
  9. You can either click on pay online using payment gateway options like credit card, bank account directly  or you can pay through the amount which is available in your wallet.

In order to sell the product you need to add a product to the market according to the market categories and sub categories.

1. Go to add product inventory , then press add product.

2.  Add upto 5 images and 2 videos of a product you wish to sell images and videos can be according to this:-

  1. Image of front angle
  2. Image in natural light
  3. Image in white lamps light
  4. You can add variation of angles
  5. You can have styled image
  6. An image with a universal object to understand the size
  7. Add clear pictures in nice backgrounds and variations, the main motive is to send the clear idea of a product to the buyer. Main aim is to sell.  

**Note the images should be without any text or logo in order to get it approved   by the team.

3. After adding pictures , Name the product , Selects its market ,its category and its sub category.

4. Fill in the price, weight and quantity. Divide the Lot size according to product weight and quantity.

For example , 

You have a Beads lot of 100 string of 1000 grams .

You can put price, weight of 1 string and choose quantity 100. or.

If you wish to sell all 100 strings together . You should put price and weight of 100 strings together and choose quantity 1.

If your product cannot be divided into quantity , you should always post it as 1 quantity . 

5. Choose a closest color shade on the shade card. if you have mix shades then just leave it.

6. Fill rest of the details and then press add product.

7. Fll in the item description in brief with the main target to attract customers.
8. The product will be send for approval , after it has been approved , it will be shown in the selected market. 

Check the video to see more on the more details.

If you have posted a product to sell in the market , you might recieve a counter negotiation price offer .
You will get a notification in counter receive tab on the shop , when you recieve a counter offer from a buyer .

The seller has only one chance to accept , reject , or recounter 

  1. Go to counter order recieved tab in the shop page , you will see counter price according to the quantity subtotal.
  2. You can either accept the buyers offer by clicking accept button
  3. You can reject the buyers offer by clicking reject button
  4. If you like to recounter , you can click on counter back option . you can then put the price you wish to recounter . you can only recounter price once per transaction.

  1. After you have made a sale through our shop portal , you will see your sales under the sales tab on the shop page .
  2. All the sales are listed and you can click on view more of the listed items and then click on action button where you can update the package delivery status.
  3. Choose order placed status to acknowledge that order is received and prepare to dispatch.
  4. Choose order dispatched and update the expected date of delivery , courier company name and brief details in the box.
  5. Choose order delivered when you are updated by courier company of order delivery. 
  6. Note delays of delivery or mishandling, can place your order payment on hold. If customer has not received the package after you have updated the delivered status , they can dispute the transactions.

      1. A buyer has only 12 working days window to update the confirmation of delivered within India, If the buyer reacts after 12th day it will be presumed delivered.
      2. If the buyer has received the product , they have to update order is delivered.
      3. If the buyer haven’t received the parcel on the 12th day of order, they can choose not delivered and the transaction will be disputed.
      4. the Johri Bazar will stop the sellers payment , and the team will try to resolve the issues between buyer and the seller delivery . This protects the buyers. 
      5. **Note:- The seller should have all the delivery receipts and proofs in order to claim , if the order is delivered, and buyer claims not delivered.

    To manage the money in the wallet , Please visit the wallet tab on the shop page. 

    1. When you reach the wallet you can add and withdraw money by clicking the buttons of ADD and WITHDRAW. You can also view the sales , purchase and counter hold amount tab.
    2. If you have to add the money , cliclk on ADD,  it will redirect you to a payment gateway called RazorPay where you can use the bank accounts or credit cards or upi to add money . The amount entered will be reflected in the wallet.
    3. If you wish to withdraw money , please fill the bank details in the upper right corner tab bank details. when you need to withdraw any amount , request it under the withdrawal request button and then it will be approved by the Johri bazar team in10 working days. After its approved you will recieve the payment in the bank account mentioned via bank transfer or RTGS mode.
    4. You can go to wallet history tab , Choose the filter Hold , this will show you all transactions of the hold amount and the refunded hold amount and the hold amount charged as fees by the JB Team.
    5. The hold reserved amount balance will be seen under the tab counter hold amount box.
    6. All the Sales money will also be added to the wallet and can be withdrawn through wallet only after its added to your wallet.
    7. You can purchase products through the wallet amount as well as through direct payment gateway using your bank account , credit card.
    8. The wallet amount will show the net amount after purchase , sales and reserved amount.

    When the user wants to counter offer or negotiate the price of the product , The Johri bazar team holds a token amount of the offer to make sure the buyers make genuine offers and not make any deferral offers

    This explains when will the counter (Negotiation) hold amount will be charged as fees and when will the counter hold amount will be refunded. 

    When a Buyer counter offers the price

    If a Seller accepts the offer ..

      1. Buyer purchases that product then the hold amount will be adjusted with the product transaction amount completely.
      2. Buyer refuses to buy after negotiationg then the counter hold amount will be charged as fees by the Johri Bazar team and not refunded. 
      3. If Buyer don’t react , it will be considered as auto buyer rejection, then the counter hold amount will be charged as fees by The Johri Bazar team and not refunded.

    If Seller rejects the offer

      1. Then the hold amount will be refunded completely instantly to the buyer.
      2. f the seller does not respond to the counter offer it will be considered as auto seller rejection, then the counter hold amount will be refunded in 10 days

    If Seller Counter Back the countered offer price by the buyer then, 

      1. If buyer rejects the recounted price, then the counter hold amount will be refunded immediately 
      2. If Buyer purchases then the counter hold amount will be adjusted with the transaction amount completely 
      3. If Buyer don’t react , it will be considered as auto buyer rejection, then the counter hold amount will be refunded after 10 days .

    **The main motive of the counter hold amount is to have genuine offers by the buyers and is no fun offers. If the buyer seriously wants to purchase in a serious price then only he must make counter offers keeping in mind above scenarios. The seller product is also reserved until the counter offer scenario is fulfilled, so its better to save time and efforts. The seller should also respond to to all the negotiations as soon as possible to promote both parties business.

    After the seller have successfully received an order, they have to update the delivery status in their sales tab on the shop page, as per the time schedule of the delivery of the product.

    1. After they have tracked the courier and the product is delivered to the buyer , they have to update the delivery status to delivered.
    2. Only after they have changed the delivery status to delivered , they will be able to receive the sales amount after 10 days of changing status to delivered.
    3. They can check the net amount with tax after the admin commission to be received under their sales tab on the shop page.
    4. If there are no disputes , the sales amount will be added automatically to the wallet after 10days and the wallet will show the total amount. The wallet amount reflected can be withdrawn by user anytime.
    5. If in case customer hasn’t received the shipment , he can dispute the transaction within 10 days of status changed to delivered. After the transaction is in dispute, the Johri Bazar team will contact the seller and try to solve the dispute. Until that the sales amount of the particular transaction will be on hold. 
    6. They can check the sales amount in the wallet under the sales tab regularly.
    7. The sellers should try to deliver the product safely and fast to the the buyers to achieve the best ratings.

    This will ensure Both buyer and seller safety. This will make the seller to keep track on the delivery details and buyer to have full guarantee of receiving the product. 

    This Point briefs you about the process of Counter Negotiating the prices of a product a buyer and seller wish to exchange.

    1. Select any product from the market the buyer wants to counter negotiate, choose the quantity and click on counter.
    2. This will direct the buyer to the counter order page or they can visit counter order tab on the shop page, where they can input the price they wish to offer.
    3. They can Counter the Subtotal price after choosing the quantity
    4. To Make Genuine Negotiation, John Bazar will hold 4% of the actual amount of product. The counter hold amount will be shown under amount to be reserved.
    5. Then Press request counter to send the negotiated price to the seller
    6. After the seller receives the counter request, he can either accept, reject or recounter only once. 
    7. The seller can view the counter negotiaon offer received in the counter negotiation received tab on their shop page .
    8. The Buyer can check the status on the counter order page, if seller rencountered it will show recounter price. the users will also get notifications the same.
    9. If the buyer agrees with the rencountered price then they can move the product to cart and purchase the product.
    10. If the seller accepts the counter price, then also the buyer can purchase the product buy clicking on cart button.

    Please refer to scenarios to know when the hold amount will be charged as fees and when not.

    In order to register yourself , Click on Sign- Up on the Home Page.

    Please fill in all the required details , like your name , business name , taxation number 

    Attach all the documents required 

    Accept the Terms and Conditions

    Click on Register. 
    You will be verified and recieve a confirmation of Registeration.

    Go to the Wallet Tab on the Shop page.
    You will find Add Bank Details Tab on the top , click on the tab 
    And add the details . 
    Valid Account number , Valid IFSC code , Bank Name.

    Also Attach the picture of cancelled cheque or passbook to get verified.

    Please be assured of the numbers , once the bank account gets verified , all the transactions and payment will be done to this account .

    If you want to change the bank account number , please email on

    To withdraw money from your wallet ,
    Please make sure that you have added a bank account in the wallet tab.
    Go to the wallet tab on shop page and click on withdraw request.

    Enter the amount to be withdrawn, it will be approved by the team and released in your bank account. Only the amount that is available in your wallet will be available to be withdrawn.

    The Johri Bazar charges a fee on each transaction that is made on the portal. The percentage of the fees is shown on each category and also when a buyer checks out in the cart. 

    The percentage varies on each market and its subcategory . the range of the commission can be 1-6%. 
    The Johri Bazar charges fees from both the buyer and seller on each transaction.

    The Johri Bazar charges a 2% fee on its each withdrawl transaction and a .35% transaction tax on its transactions.

    The Johri Bazar provides two invoices for each transaction ,
    that is Purchase/Sales invoice and a Commission invoice.

    If you have made sales , you can fetch your sales and commission invoice with GST in Your Sales tab on Home page . The sales invoice will show your gst details , product details and purchaser gst details.


    If you have made purchases, you can fetch your purchases and commission invoice with GST in Your Purchases tab on Home page . The purchases invoice will show your GST details , product details and Sellers gst details.

    Each Sub category has its own defined GST percentage which is visible to a seller when adding a product and to the buyer when he is checking out  of the cart. Each sub category has the GST percentage as described by the Goverment Of India.

    The buyer pays the GST to the seller when they purchase the products and The seller receives the GST with his transactions after 1% TCS is reserved by the Johri Bazar.

    Each user will recieve notification on the notifications tab on the shop page . 

    They will also recieve important notifications and reminders on their registered emails and registered mobile numbers.

    To check the Delivery Status,
    Go to Purchases Made Tab on the Shop page and click on view more.

    You will see the status of the seller if he has Processed , Dispatched or Delivered the Package . You can see the delivery tracking details by placing the cursor on i button. 

    Also please update the , delivery status , if you have recieved the ordered click on Delivered , If not received click on Undelivered. 

    To change the status when you dispatch the product , Go to the Your Sales Tab on the shop page, click on view more.

    Update the Delivery status

    To Order Recieved to acknowledge the order

    To Order Dispatched when you dispatch the package , please fill in the shipping courier details 

    To order Delivered when your courier confirms the delivery of the package .

    Note * :- Please update the status to delivered as soon as the package is delivered , because the payment will only be released 10days after the order is delivered.

    Go to the Purchases Made tab on shop page , See your purchased transaction and click on view more. Click on the blue (i) button , that will show the seller details.

    Go to the Your Sales Made tab on shop page , See your Sold transaction and click on view more. Click on the blue (i) button , that will show the buyer details with the delivery address. the seller has to deliver on this address. 

    When a buyer does not receive the package even after the seller confirms the delivery, the buyer can update the status to non- delivered. This will automatically dispute the transaction and the sellers payment will be stopped. 

    The seller and buyer should contact the johri bazar team on to resolve the issue mentioning details of the order.

    The Johri Bazar holds 5% amount of the total product value when a buyer counters(negotiate) the price of a product to the seller.
    This facility is provided to promote the genuineness in the negotiations and avoid un- necessary offers. This gives the seller an a surety of the negotiated price.

    When the buyer counters .the amount is released and charged as per following scenarios:

    If Seller accepts , Buyer Purchases the hold amount is combined with transaction.

    If Seller accepts , Buyer Does not Purchases or does not response within 10 Days the hold amount is charged as fees by the Johri Bazar

    If Seller rejects or does not respond in 10 days , the hold amount is released.

    If Seller recounter , Buyer Purchases the hold amount is combined with transaction.

    If Seller recounter , Buyer Does not Purchases or does not response the hold amount is released.

    The Seller gets paid 10 days after he has changed the delivery status to delivered. The amount will be reflected in the wallet automatically on the 10th day. 

    If the buyer does not receive the order , he can change the status to non delivered that will dispute the order and the payment will be put on hold until resolved. 

    The Sales amount that a seller can withdraw will be after 1% TCS will be reserved by the johri bazar. It is the rule of government of India to hold 1% of the amount and deposit in the GST department under each GST number.

    A buyer can use Emi features on the payment gateway Razorpay in partner with the Johri Bazar.
    You can click on pay online that will redirect you to the gateway and you can use the emi features. 

    Click on your name and on the drop down menu click on change password.
    Here you can change your password. 

    Go to home page , click on Sign in .

    Put in your username and password to sign in .

    You can see Your Products Page under the sales section on the shop page. These will show all the products that you have added in your account.

    Go to the shop page and click on Delivery charges .

    Click on Add delivery charges , you can add delivery charges according to the amount of the delivery .
    For example 

    You can charge delivery charge for package amounting from 0-5000/- 

    there normal charges , fast charges and their international charges.

    these can be average shipping charges .

    You can check your products sold under your sales tab on the shop page. this will show the list of items sold by the seller.

    To check The Purchases made , go to your purchases tab on the shop page. this will show the list of the purchases made by a user.

    Go to wallet tab on the shop page ,

    Here you can see the list of all the transactions made under particular account , The amount net after sales, purchase and hold amount.

    To contact The Johri Bazar team, you can email on mentioning your queries.

    The seller can see the buyers details and address in the sales tab.
    The seller has to arrange the Delivery of a Product from their personal carriers. They have to self deliver the products according to the delivery charges charged.

    The Johri Bazar currently charges a minimum fee on each successful transaction . The Johri bazar charges aa fee from both the buyers and the sellers of each transaction .

    The fee percentage varies on the sub category of the product. The particular fee charged is displayed on each sub category.

    The Johri bazar provides a facility of refer and earn .

    Each user has a unique refer code which can be acquired on referral earning tab on the shop page . The user can provide this code to their friends . 

    When the user signs in with the refer code, the user that referred will start earning on each successful transaction. 

    The Johri Bazar currently provides 5% of its fee limited to 50 transactions , to the person who has refered the user.

    Any person can sign up on the portal and can start earning . 

    The user can mange and withdraw their earnings on referral earning tab on the shop page.