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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The Johri does not deliver the product by itself. The products are self shipped by third parties. The Johri Bazar team does not provide any cancellation and refund policy , it all depends on the seller on their cancellation policy. The Johri Bazar team does not gaurantee any return of the goods and services.

1. If the seller provides refund policy , you can contact the Seller directly if they can accepts the return. the sellers contact information is shown under the products purchased Tab.

2. if customer is unsatisfied and feels their is a fraud or wrongdoing with the product , they can contact the Johri bazar team through the tab provided under the order placed tab or email at 

3. The cancellation and refund policy , solely depends on the third party shop owners and the Johri Bazar does not take any responsibilty of the product purchased by the buyers.

4. The Buyer has to purchase solely on their instincts and trust, The Johribazar can just help them to scrutinize the deal by stopping the payment and help the settlement. To ensure this TheJohriBazar has 100% rights to take decision in favor of any party.

5. The Buyers get pictures and detailed informations of the goods and services , if still the buyer has any doubt , they should not proceed with the transactions. 

6. If any User sense any fraud or Tricks , they should immediately report it to the Johri Bazar team on