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About The Johri Bazar is India's first Digitally Simplified and Organized Marketplace For Gems And Jewelry Industry. Enables the Gem And Jewelry   Market Players To Explore Variety Of Products, Get a Market Insight And make a trade on the Portal Digitally.

The marketplace magnifies   the market players in both purchase and sales, where as a Seller they can increase their Client Reach And   make Instant Cash Sales,  While As a Buyer they Can Easily Find The Right Demanded Product At The Right Time and At The Lowest Possible Prices.  

The Gem and Jewelry   Market has been highly unorganized in India with Sudden Price Hikes, Hard to Procure required products, Hard to find right buyers, Hard to keep up with market trend, High Inventory costs, High Dead Stocks and many more. The Johri Bazar aims to overcome all these problems by technically advancing Procurement, Marketing and Sales of the industry.

In the age of technological advancement and social media, It is hard for the new legacy , new entrants to cope up with old business owners and communicate with old existing brokers. The Johri Bazar platform encourages them to connect with like-minded audience and sustain their new businesses. 

Through this platform , The Johri Bazar aims to grow the business of all the business owners and together magnify the Gem and Jewelry   industry across India.

How It Started

Our Founder Mr Anshul Nekiwala Had Been Into His Family Business Of The Gem And Jewelry Sector Since After He Finished His College In the United States. Anshul Belongs To The City Of Jaipur , Rajasthan Which Is Also Called Gems And Jewelry Capital Of The World. Jaipur’s Half Of The Population Is In The Gem And Jewelry Industry. Soon He Realized That The Industry Has Been Running On Unorganized Ways To Source And Sell The Products. He Was Fed Up Of Calling Many Brokers And Suppliers , To Get The Right Products When Much Needed. The Price Of The Gems Boosted 10X When He Immediately Demanded The Product. He Was Also Fed Up Of Getting Very Low Offers When He Sold His Inventory Without Demand And Less Reach To Clients.

On One Fine Day , He Thought Of Trying To Organize The Heavily Unorganized Sector Through Technology And Bring All the Buyers, Sellers , Brokers, Influencers   Under One Roof. And Then The Johri Bazar Was Found. Through This Online Marketplace , Both The Buyers And Sellers Will Be Equally Benefited And Thus Will Boost The Industry. The Name “The Johri Bazar” Is Derived From A Locality In Jaipur, India   Where All The Gem And Jewelry People Are Clustered for manufacturing and trading . “Johri” Means A Jeweler And “Bazar” Means A Market.

Why The Johri Bazar ?

In Gems And Jewelry Sector , There Have Been Technological Advancement In Manufacturing Processes But Marketing And Sales Are Still Unorganized. It Takes Effort And Time ,To Find A Demand And Sell The Product Usually Because It Is Completely Via Phone Calls , Brokers , Personal Meetings And Long Awaited Exhibitions . At The Johri Bazar , the   Vision Is To Change This Unorganized Business Practice And Provide Ease Of Doing Business.

The Johri Bazar enhances the business and grow business owners trust by providing facilities like , structuring the products according to market, approving and verifying all the users through their business data , getting uploaded products approved under supervision of trained Gemologists, Counter- Negotiation Facilities, Buyer payment protection , advertisements and many more .

The Johri Bazaar Enables The Users To Save Time & Money And Grow Their Business Anytime And Anywhere by charging providing facilities at a very minimal charge. Since our founder belongs to the same industry , he knows the major unorganized practices and thus has used technology to find alternate ways to those existing unorganized ways .

Our Team

The Johri Bazar is target to achieve its goals with the help of its wonderful team of people , who have been working hard in their respective fields . Currently The Johri Bazar is a team of 22 people and aims to grow more and more.

  • ...

    Anshul Jain


    BSC in Finance, NYIT. USA

  • ...

    Kapil Jain

    (Co- Founder & COO)

    BBM at Jain University, Banglore

  • ...

    Aakash Sharma


    BTECH at SIT, Jaipur

  • ...


    (Chief Marketing Officer )